5 thoughts on “PARAG -APRIL 1966

  1. Dr Desh Deepak

    Parag के ढेर सारे अंक आने वाले हैं।
    देखते रहिये।

  2. sandeep arora

    this was the magazine that was equally popular with children and adults alike.magazines thus of those eras inculcated the healthy habit of reading in me. i would not rest till i had read each and every word of new issues awaited eagerly ads and editorial included.this reminds me of dharam yug madhuri dinman hindustan indrajal comics hind pocket books …golden times healthy times when every member of my home was fond of reading…i miss those good old days afresh like morning dew…
    i invite like thinking fellows to reminisce…

    1. Sumitesh Chakravarty

      Oooofff..u can’t even imagine what you did to my heart and brain and my memories…I shall be forever grateful that you once again let me catch a glimpse of this magnificent comic magazine whatever they call it..I don’t care..

  3. hardev krishan

    पराग बचपन में बहुत पढ़ी। इस अंक को देखकर बचपन याद आ गया। टिनोपाल का विज्ञापन नॉस्टालजिया पैदा करता है। अगर सक्रिय हो तो कृप्या और अंक दिखाओं.

  4. anil

    Single website hai jis per PARAG Magazine mili.
    PARAG ke purane issues dekh kar achha laga, please upload more issues.


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